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Property managers and owners want to make decisions based off of the best information available. The current criminal system across the country does not allow for criminal and eviction records to be “Instant”. In order to get the most broad and accurate information on an applicant, you need to utilize a screening provider that researches each application and narrows the details on facts that can be verified and not what some limited database provides. ACRANET has a research team that investigates every detail of the screening including the appropriate areas to examine on a criminal and eviction search, where the bulk of the information on each applicant is stored, which varies state by state. The same level of investigation ranges from the credit report all the way through to the rental and employment references that are contacted. 


Prices Starting as low as $10. Custom packages are available.

Full credit reports include the FICO score, credit history, delinquent accounts, public records, bankruptcy, all trade lines and debt to income ratio. We have access to all three credit reporting agencies.

An Address and SSN Verification is essential in locating who the applicant is, other names they are known as and where the applicant has lived. Verification of a name associated with an SSN as well as place and date of issuance are included in this report.

The most wide-ranging criminal search available is the multi-jurisdictional search which provides a national scope of state and county criminal records. This search should be used in in conjunction with a county or state criminal search.

Provided alongside most Criminal searches offered, this search provides all registered sex and violent criminal offenders with felony conviction records.

Each state holds records differently, Depending on each state this level of search assures the most in depth and accurate court records in which the conviction is recorded. Most felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in county courts. This search provides criminal records that may include information regarding the degree of the offense, offense dates, case numbers, filing dates, defendants, counts, trial dates, verdicts, disposition, disposition dates, and sentencing information.

Utilize the ACRANET staff to research and identify legitimate current and former rental information through an in depth process that does not simply just call the number that the applicant provides. The tools used allow for an easy process for managers/landlords to use to quickly provide resident information.

ACRANET staff will research and contact the applicant’s current employer and verify position, wage, dates if provided.

A Comprehensive National Eviction search researched and verified by the ACRANET staff.

Provides Public record, tax lien and judgements not available on the credit report.

With criteria individually designed for each Property Management company, you can quickly and impartially analyze your standards for each category of the report you request. 

  • Credit
  • Credit Score
  • Criminal
  • Trade-line Payment History
  • Eviction History
  • Collection/Charge-off History
  • Rental and Employment History
  • Bankruptcy History
  • Debt-to-rent Ratio
  • Tax Lien History
  • Income-to-debt Ratio
  • Judgment History

There is also an option for an overall decision or a grading system that provides a risk tolerance evaluation.

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