ACRAnet is a consumer reporting agency that assembles and delivers reports to vetted third parties that orders the report for an approved permissible purpose. 

If one of our clients has obtained your credit report from ACRAnet, please contact our Consumer Services Department who can help you with the following:

  • Obtain a copy of the ACRAnet consumer report
  • Dispute possibly inaccurate information that may be on your ACRAnet consumer report
  • Answer questions on your ACRAnet Consumer Report

Please note that ACRAnet does not make the decision to approve or deny your application with our clients. If you have further questions regarding the decision our clients made, please contact them directly. 

Credit Freezes

What is a security freeze?

A security freeze on your credit report is designed to prevent new services or loans from being granted in your name. It’s important to understand that if you place a security freeze, it may delay the timely approval of credit applications that you initiate. It is your responsibility to unfreeze your credit report, and you will need to do this with all three credit reporting agencies. 

What’s the cost of placing or removing a security freeze?

There is no fee to place or remove a security freeze. 

Can I apply for new credit with a security freeze in place?

Once you place a security freeze, your credit report and credit information are essentially locked, and potential creditors or lenders will be advised that your credit report is frozen. You must first remove the security freeze in order to apply for credit, a loan, insurance, employment or any other service requiring accessing your credit history. 

Will adding a security freeze impact my credit worthiness?

No, a security freeze will not impact your credit worthiness or score, either positively or negatively. 

Bureau Contact Information to Lift Freezes

By Phone: 800-349-9960 OR 888-298-0045

By Phone: 888-909-8872

By Phone: 888-397-3742

Helpful Links and Information

Free Annual Credit Report
The Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) allows one free credit report from all three nationwide credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) once a year through a central website, toll-free telephone number and mailing address:

P.O. Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

You can also get a free copy in addition to your mandated annual free copy under certain circumstances from the nationwide credit reporting agencies:

  • You are a victim of ID Theft
  • You are on public assistance
  • You are unemployed and seeking work
  • You have been denied credit or offered lesser credit terms based on your credit report

If any of the above circumstances applies to your situation, you may contact the credit reporting agencies directly. 

  • Equifax, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241
    • 1-800-685-1111
  • Experian, P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013-2104
    • 1-888-397-3742
  • Trans Union, P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA, 19002
    • 1-800-916-8800

In addition to the above resources, you may go to:

They have a great deal of information on credit reporting and IT theft related questions. 

This is maintained by the company that developed the credit scores that the three credit reporting agencies are currently using

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