Why Should I hire a Tenant Screening Company?

Violence, theft, drugs and other criminal activity are real risks that affect property managers as well as neighboring tenants.  In addition to asking about criminal records on their rental application, many property owners and managers work with a professional screening agency to perform criminal and eviction background checks on prospective tenants as well as interviewing the their current and former landlord and current employer.  This helps to verify applicants’ claims and protect your property as well as your other tenants.

Why is there such a discrepancy between screening companies and their prices between each other?

All Tenant Screening searches are not the same, many companies offer several products that can be automated or have very little service provided on the order.  It is our philosophy that if you hire a Tenant Screening company, you count on us to return results that are accurate.  In order to honor this, we do not automate our criminal and eviction searches.  Every state and county reports data differently, therefore an automated search will be extremely inaccurate and incomplete.  The companies that fully automate their searches eliminate the use of in-house staff, therefore are typically less for the price of the report.  The companies that use their staff to research with lower courts and review the results may be more for the cost, but also provide a much more complete and accurate screening.

What is the turnaround time on reports from ACRAnet? I’m afraid my candidate will apply at another property if I don’t make a decision today.

Turnaround time depends on the reports requested, with most coming back within 6 hours.  There are several report packages available, credit reports are returned within seconds, Criminal and Eviction reports are returned on average between 4-6 hours.  The process of not automating the Criminal and Eviction searches and therefore placing an in-house professional to review the applicant and their records with the local courts increases the accuracy of what we return substantially.  Verifying Landlord and Employer information can between 2-3 business days depending on the reference.   Via our system, you are able to see every service when they are completed even if the report is still pending, so if we are still waiting on references, you are still able to make a “contingent” response to the applicant upon the results of the completed background check. 

How do we have to submit requests to ACRAnet?

ACRAnet has many ways that we can accommodate your screening requests.  We offer a customizable Online Application that can display your letters and logos and allow your applicant to apply at any time and pay by credit card.  We also have our secure online system that allows your employees to request and retrieve the screening, or you can fax your orders to our customer service staff.