Rapid Re-Score

  • Step 1: Select Rapid Re-Score Type

  • Step 2: Requestor/Contact Information

  • Step 3: Applicant/Spouse Information

  • You can also request RUSH (additional fees apply; not available with Trans Union).
  • Step 4: Disputed Information

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  • Last Step: Customer Acknowledgement and Authorization

  • I understand that costs are involved in utilizing an ARC Rapid Re-Score. I also understand that the cost of the new credit report will be assessed once the re-score service has been completed. I authorize ARC to provide this service to my client(s) and Customer acknowledges charges incurred for this service cannot be passed along to the borrower, per section 611 FCRA. DISCLAIMER: To insure maximum benefit, re-scores should be performed within 30 days of the original report. Any new adverse information appearing during the re-score process, aside from the items being re-scored by ARC, will void the guarantee. The guarantee will only be on credit bureaus that ARC has agreed to work on in the re-score process. Bureaus that have not been included in the re-score process but declined in credit score between the original credit report date and the re-score credit report date will not be part of the guarantee. Both the original and any subsequent credit reports accessed as part of the re-score process must be generated through American Reporting Company, LLC. Any and all disputes will be resolved by ARC management. ARC reserves the right to end this guarantee at any time. If any questions remain regarding the cost of a rapid re-score, they must be resolved prior To initiating the re-score service. I understand that upon completion of the Rapid Re-Score, ARC will re-pull a 3 Bureau Merged Report. A standard credit report fee will be charged. An email will be sent to me (if a valid email address is provided) upon receipt of this request to verify the total fee for the ARC Rapid Re-Score. You are not required to respond unless you have questions about these fees.
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